My images are derived from multiple sources. The contrasts and activity of my paintings reflect the voyage through a human dominated world with its perplexing and unpredictable realities. I use humor and sarcasm in my art to help me cope with humankind’s folly of self-destruction.  Is it possible that human’s privileged intellect can be used to save us yet or will we continue to exploit our world to the point of no return?



I graduated from UC Davis with a MFA in 1972. Like many graduates my art career was sidetracked due to being drafted during the Vietnam War and then working to provide for myself and my family. I never lost the desire to practice art and have had the opportunity to resume my art work full time since 2008.


1946 Born: National City, California.

1960-64 Attended Helix High School, La Mesa, California.

1964-68 Obtained B.A. in Fine Art from San Diego State College.

1968 Exhibition: “Palomar College Print Show,” San Marcos, California.

1970-71 Drafted into U.S. Army.

1969-72 Received M.F.A. from University of California, Davis.

1972 Exhibition: “Northern California Arts Inc. 18 th Annual Exhibition,” Sacramento, California

University of California, Davis, teaching assistant

Exhibition: “17 th Painting Biennial,” Richmond Art Center, California.

Exhibition: “National Small Sculpture and Drawing,” San Diego State College, California

Exhibition: “The New Masters,” Syntex Corporation, Palo Alto, California

Exhibition: “26 th Annual San Francisco Art Festival,” San Francisco, California, Purchase
Award, Jurors Ivan Madjrakoff, Stephen De Staebler and Suzzanne Foley.

1972-73 Chabot Junior College, Hayward, California, teacher.

Exhibition: “Crocker-Kingsley Annual,” E.B. Crocker Art Gallery Sacramento, California.

1973 Exhibition: “Mark Bauer,” Hern Gallery, Palo Alto, California, One man show.

Exhibition: “38 th James D. Phelan Awards,” Oakland Museum, Oakland, California, Painting
Merit Painting Award, Juror, Paul C. Mills, Director Santa Barbara Museum of Art.
Award, Jurors, Jane Livingston, Curator of Modern Art, Los Angeles County Museum
of Art; Wayne Thiebaud, Art Department, University of California, Davis.

1974-2007 Founded Bauer Construction Inc., Solana Beach, California.

2008 Resumed full time practice of art

2014 Exhibition: “Degenerate Art,” Nelson Gallery, UC Davis

2016 Exhibition: “Chaos,” Arc Gallery, San Francisco, California

2016 Exhibition: "Summer National Juried Exhibition", Marin MOCA, Marin California, 3rd place award, Juror Brian Gross of Brian Gross Fine Art in San Francisco

2016 Exhibition: “Emerging Artists of Northern California,” Marin MOCA, Marin CA; Juror Rena Bransten of Rena Bransten Gallery

2017 Exhibition: “Crocker Kingsly Exhibition”, Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, CA,

2017 Exhibition: “Selections from the Crocker Kingsly Exhibition”, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, curated by Scott A. Shields, Associate Director & Chief Curator

2017 Exhibition: “12th National Juried Exhibition", Axis Gallery, Sacramento, CA, Jurors award, Juror Mat Gleason, Coagula Art Journal

2017 Exhibition: “Eccentric Imagery”, Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, CA,

2017 Exhibition: “Flora and Fauna,” Arc Gallery, San Francisco, California, Juror Suzanne Gray of Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

2017 Exhibition: “Brand 45 Works On Paper, 45th Annual National Exhibition", Brand Art Center, Glendale, CA, Juror Leslie Jones, curator of Prints and Drawings, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Exhibition: “New Directions", Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, 1st place award, Juror Ruth Erickson, curator, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

2017 2 Person Show: "Off Axis: 2017", Axis Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2018 Exhibition: "5th Annual Juried Art Show", Piedmont Center for the Arts, Piedmont, CA, Juror Carin Adams, Oakland Museum, associate curator; Jenny Gheith, SFMOMA, assistant curator of painting and sculpture

2018 Exhibition: "Expo 37", B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY, Juror Cara Manas, MOMA, NY

2018 Exhibition: "Works on Paper", Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts, Loveladies, NJ, Juror Kim Conaty, Curator of Drawings and Prints, Whitney Museum, NY

2018 Exhibition: "Viridian's 29th Annual International Juried Exhibition", New York, NY, Juror Johanna Burton, Curator at The New Museum

2018 Exhibition: "Slice, A Juried Cross-section of Regional Art", Pence Gallery, Davis, CA Juror Rachel Clarke Art Professor Sacramento State University, CA

2018 Exhibition: "Brand 46 Annual National Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper", The Brand Art Center, Glendale, CA, Juror Edward Goldman, Art Critic

2018 Exhibition: "Painting in the 21st Century", Site:Brooklyn , Brooklyn, NY, Juror Steven Henry Madhoff, Art Critic, former executive editor of ARTnews magazine.

2018 Exhibition: "Memory and Perception", Marin MOCA , Marin, CA, honorable mention awarded, Juror Alan Bamberger, Art Consultant, Writer and Art Reviewer

2019 Exhibition: "6th Annual Juried Art Show", Piedmont Center for the Arts, Piedmont, CA, Jurors Carin Adams, Curator of Art, Oakland Museum of California, and Nancy Lim, Assistant Curator of Painting and Sculpture, SFMOMA

2019 Exhibition: 79th Crocker Kingsly Exhibition", Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, CA. Juror David Pagel Art Critic for Los Angeles Times

2019 Exhibition: "48 Pillars", Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA., Curator Michael Yochum

2019 Exhibition: “Selections from the Crocker Kingsly Exhibition”, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, curated by Scott A. Shields, Associate Director & Chief Curator

2019 Exhibition: “Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition”, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA, curated by Scott A. Shields, Associate Director & Chief Curator of the Crocker Art Museum

2019 Exhibition: “The Next Big Thing 2019”, Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA, curated by Mat Gleason